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Cloud Backup

Secure offsite backup
Businesses rely heavily on computers and, more importantly, the data they hold.

Advancements in technology mean that huge amounts of storage are now available, which is resulting in more and more data being stored on computers and servers. Because of this, backups are of critical importance to businesses.

It is estimated that as much as 60% of backups are incomplete and around 50% of restore attempts result in failure. Data loss and issues with backups are therefore something businesses cannot ignore. 

A global study has shown that the top causes of data loss are:

  • Malicious Attacks
  • Hardware Failure
  • Human Error

The three causes above account for 93% of data loss to businesses. In order to prevent all the above from happening without cloud backup would require various different systems to be put in place – this is because systems that prevent hardware failure issues usually do not protect from malicious attacks. Quite simply put, the only way to ensure your data remains intact is to get a copy of it to another location offsite. 

Historically the way to do this was to use a tape backup, but you need to remember to rotate the tapes and you also need to then assume the data is actually on the tapes, or have regular restore tests. In our experience tapes can and do fail, and restore tests are never carried out, or the backups do not run for an extended period of time. Failures in tape backups only become evident when you need to actually try to retrieve your data from the device by which time it is usually too late.

This is where cloud backup comes in.

Our cloud backup software is easy to use and friendly so you can adjust the schedules or the data you want backed up at the click of a button. You can set the number of versions of files you wish to keep and even set the backup to run multiple times per day. When the backup scheduler starts the software takes a snapshot of your data, then transmits your data over an SSL secured connection to our servers which we keep in Scottish secure data centres, where the data is stored using industrial encryption. When the backup is complete, you will receive an email confirming what data has been changed and transmitted to our servers. 

We test and mirror our servers to ensure your data is kept secure with us and is always recoverable

If you feel cloud backup is the way forward or wish to discuss it further call us on 0845 519 4425.