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Unifi – The Cure for Bad WIFI

Unifi – The cure for bad WIFI   At ITW4 we’ve been doing a lot of work with our clients on public facing WIFI where coverage, security and bandwidth management are all key components. We’ve used many brands for this in the past. Draytek, SonicWall, Cisco to name a few. They all have their own … Continued

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Asus DSL-AC52U Router – The new budget king of the hill?

For the vast majority of SME sized businesses, cash is king and not everyone can justify fitting a Draytek or Sonicwall into their budget for a new router. In the past we’ve leaned towards budget brands to fill this gap in our arsenal but as of late we’ve noticed little to no development of features … Continued

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SME Business Security Routers – Draytek V’s SonicWall

  Business security versus the bank balance. Business owners always want to strike the balance between quality and price and with routers, quality really means reliability, security and feature set. We come across small businesses who are using home grade hardware and are looking for router advice, aside from saying (as nicely as possible) “not … Continued

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Server 2016 & What Hyper-V could mean for your SMB.

Is your business is growing or your server hardware is aging? You’re thinking of upgrading but don’t quite know which route to go down? Server 2016 with Hyper-V could be the answer for you.   So what’s new in Server 2016?  So apart from the swish new looks of Windows 10, Server 2016 comes packed … Continued

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Backups: Get it sorted now or regret it later.

What are they? Backups are a copy of your data stored in another location other than their primary source. One of the biggest mistakes we see is people archiving data to another location and calling it a backup, the difference between a backup and an archive is the backup is a copy of the original … Continued

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